According to the Small Business Association, approximately 627,000 new brands open each year; that is a staggering amount if we compare it with last decade numbers. Let’s be clear here, the World Wide Web has opened new spaces for everyone to create, dissect, examine, buy and sell (just to name a few actions), it’s the most-used platform for the masses when it comes to social interaction.

The best brands know this fact, and in response, they want to succeed by using differentiation as a key factor within their awareness strategies. A great logo, a good-looking website, or awesome stationery is just not enough these days. Customers want to feel connected to their favorite brands in ways that can only be described by modern-day standards.

Introducing Brandsick, your best ally in regards to custom-branded promotional products. We offer an immense variety of options for businesses of any size; actually, we’re currently working with some of the most outstanding and creative brands in the state of New Jersey. Just think about anything related to embroidery, patches, pins, pendant jewelry, pop sockets, fidget spinners, lanyards, shot glasses, labeling and more. Our catalog is so vast that you just only need to have an idea, and we’ll make it real.

Our custom-branded promotional products are made with the best materials, state of the art technology, and exceptional cost-efficient manufacturing methods. At Brandsick, our compromise is to show your brand in the same way you see it in your head. Customer ideas are at center stage in all of our thought process, the results are otherworldly, you should see how our clients react when they finally get their orders on hand for the first time. 

“We ordered a run of custom embossed leather patches from Brandsick, to apply to some blank beanies we purchased for our coffeeshop. Overall quality was spot on, and the service was even better!” 

Daniel P.

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