7 Best Places To Put A Phone Grip Socket

7 Best Places To Put A Phone Grip Socket

Phone Grip Sockets have become one of the most practical accessories for phones ever since David Barnett invented them for a good reason too. Phone Grip Sockets made holding your phone much easier, enhancing grip so much that all you need is two fingers. Phone Grip Sockets themselves are beautiful to look at, and you can express your personality using them. However, you don’t have to use Phone Grip Sockets just on your phone.

So, we set out on an expedition to find out if there was any other way we could use a Phone Grip Sockets. As it turns out, if you are creative enough, you can find a use for a Phone Grip Sockets in almost anything. Here is what we found:

Phone Grip Sockets as a Cabinet Or Drawer Handle

If you have a broken cabinet or drawer handle, why don’t you use a Phone Grip Sockets instead? It is quite a pragmatic solution. Because of its sticky and robust base, you can be sure that it will not pull off from the door. It works perfectly as a quick and cheap solution for you before you call a carpenter to fix it. It also adds a bit of style to your doors too. You can customize your Phone Grip Sockets to match or contrast the finish on your furniture, making them look stylish.

Phone Grip Sockets As Hangers

If you are looking for a hook on which to hang your necklaces, a Phone Grip Sockets is a quick and beautiful solution. When extended, you can hang hats, coats, or even light umbrellas on them. We do not recommend that you use Phone Grip Sockets permanently as hangers, but they make great temporary hangers.  If you are expecting guests and they have nowhere to hang their items, stick a couple of Phone Grip Sockets to the back of your door. The beauty is you can reuse them multiple times.

Phone Grip Sockets As Decorations

Phone Grip Sockets make great decorations, especially for people who love colorful displays. What’s more, Phone Grip Sockets are inexpensive, and you can get a bunch of them at low prices. You can stick them to your locker in school or at work, on the fridge, on your desk, on your doors, or anywhere else you want. The more creative you are with them, the better the results you get.

Phone Grip Sockets As Book Holders

Have you ever tried to hold a huge book in your hands? They can be cumbersome and bulky, making them uncomfortable to read. A Phone Grip Sockets can be your best friend with them. Phone Grip Sockets work impressively on hardcover books, but we do not recommend them on paperbacks. Sticking a Phone Grip Sockets to the back of a book helps you hold it comfortably.

Phone Grip Sockets As Tags

You can use a Phone Grip Sockets to tag an item that belongs to you. It could be a bike, or it could be a car. Whatever it is, using a Phone Grip Sockets is a unique and impressive way of ensuring that you can tell you items apart from those of others. Phone Grip Sockets are small and do not draw too much attention, but can tell two identical things apart.

Phone Grip Sockets As A Cord Wrap

Sometimes you want to keep your earphones away but not too far from your phone. In this case, the best thing to do is extend your Phone Grip Sockets and tie your earphones around the grip section. It is safe for your earphones. It will not stretch them or ruin them. You can also reduce their length by wrapping part of the cord around the Phone Grip Sockets.

Phone Grip Sockets As Car Clips

Have you ever needed to use your phone for navigation in your car? What about hanging it and using it, hands-free? Well, Phone Grip Sockets are ideal for this. With an accessory that clips onto the Phone Grip Sockets, you can hang it anywhere you want in your car. You can even let your kids watch videos on your phone or tablet as you drive.

Final word

Phone Grip Sockets are like swiss knives when it comes to finding uses for them. With a variety of applications, we assure you that owning a couple of Phone Grip Sockets comes with advantages. You can even stick them on tumblers and use them as handles! Do you have any other exciting uses for Phone Grip Sockets? Go ahead, let us know! We’d love to hear how creative you can get with Phone Grip Sockets.

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